NRA Basic Pistol Blended

In this instruction, you will learn the basics of pistol shooting. This course will also allow you to obtain a concealed carry permit in many states. But most importantly, it teaches you the confidence to handle a pistol and shoot it safely.


Private Lessons

Dedicated instructions are more suited to perfect details and correct posture, breathing, and other mistakes that beginner shooters experience. You may take this class as many times as you would like until you feel you have conquered the concepts.

$25.00/hr + range, rental, ammo

Firearms Consulting

Not every weapon was created equally. We can aid those who are looking for a specific weapon that is easier to handle according to their specific preferences. Many things are taken into consideration such as: weight, handle size, caliber, type, and more.


Firearms Cleaning

Cleaning and caring for your weapon, not only will lenghten the life of your firearm, but also prevent it from failing on you if you ever need to use it. We can consult on cleaning products, techniques, and proper ways to clean your weapon.

$15.00 – pistol $20.00 – rifle
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Ladies Day at the Range Classes

This class is meant to provide a comfortable, non intimidating environment for female shooters. Beginners and advanced shooters are welcomed. This class will cover firearm safety, parts of a pistol, proper handling and storage, as well as, briefly, cover women’s concealed carry and a range portion.


You will be billed for the services you use and a payment in form of a check is required. We are exploring other methods of payment for those who are interested in submitting payment in the form of credit card. Stay connected for more information.